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Along for the Ride: THE BOOK CLUB AT-A-GLANCE
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Spoiler level: Low

OK, we know it can't be just us: Something about being at the beach in the sunshine with our latest glitzy obsession is just ~so summer~. Feel the same? Good.

Currently in our bag? Along for the Ride. Katelyn might think her summer road trip is the stuff of her nightmares: No friends, no soccer—just the road on tour with her famous brother. Good thing they're being accompanied by a certain singer Katelyn can't stop thinking about. Already sold? Buy it right here.

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Spoiler level: High

Connor Jackson is the center of the universe...or at least, that's how Katelyn feels about her pop superstar brother. And now she's giving up her whole summer vacation to hit the road and tour with him and their family. She couldn't be more miserable.

Trading soccer camp and hang time with her besties for tour buses and room service doesn't sound the least bit glam to Katelyn. The only upside? Her brother's opening act, who just happens her celebrity crush Zach Matthews—and Katelyn's fangirling hard.

Katelyn has a choice: She can either thank the karma gods that fate is on her side and make her move—or she can sit back and just enjoy the ride.

What are you waiting for?! Read the book right now.

Spoiler level: Medium

Did our Bestie Book Club love Along for the Ride? Read on!
We chatted about Along for the Ride with fellow besties who are just as reading obsessed as we are. Get to know #bookstagrammers Hannah Grace, Kameron, Katie, Kenz, Kacey, Lily, Presley and Skylarand their fave parts of this big and bold pop star romance.

Hannah Grace @hannahgracecolin

So who was your fave character? I love Jenica—she and Katelyn are obviously besties and she's so supportive and funny. Plus, her mom is seriously the greatest!
We were crushing so hard on Zach. You? Zach is so honest and real with Katelyn. That's definitely what I want in a relationship, too.
Obviously music is a big part of this book. What's on your playlist? I love songs you can listen to at the beach, like fun beats and killer lyrics for sunny days. That's actually what I listened to while I was reading Along for the Ride.

Kameron, Katie & Kenz @couchsisters

Imagine that, like Katelyn's brother, you're super famous. Would you rather be movie stars or pop stars? Pop stars! Touring the country like Katelyn and Connor and performing in every city would be amazing. Even though Katelyn wasn't excited about it at first, she loved it by the end—and we would, too.
Who would you love to tour with? Definitely Olivia Rodrigo. Her music about love and heartbreak is so beautiful. After reading about Katelyn and Zach's romance, we can't stop listening to Sour.
As sisters, how do you handle sibling fights? Of course, as sisters, we fight sometimes. What's important is remembering how much we love each other and working it out. We never go to bed still mad. 

Kacey @kaceyfifield

Who was your favorite character? Zach! I love music so much, plus touring the country would be so fun. 
The book actually gives you a good idea what it's like to be a performer….Right? The first rehearsal scene was so fun. I loved the whole tour friend squad—and Katelyn was so relatable when she *actually* meets her celeb crush. I had total heart eyes the whole time.
We loved Katelyn! I totally connected with her—she's so passionate about everything she does, and so am I. Oh, and she's funny!

Lily @lilybrooksobriant

Imagine *you* get to go on tour like Zach. Who are you opening for? OMG, I would love to tour with Taylor Swift. She's so great at telling stories through her music. That's why I loved Zach so much—he so obviously cares about his craft and his fans.
Which scene in Along for the Ride was your fave? Katelyn's soccer games and practices were always so fun to read. Her team is so tight-knit and supportive, just like my friend group.
What's the biggest takeaway for you from the book? If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything—and I want to do everything I can!

Presley @presleysbookreviews

Who was your fave character? Zach for sure. At first, I was worried he'd be dramatic, but he was always so genuine, especially with Katelyn. It was so romantic! I ate up every scene.
Would you ever want to go on tour? Absolutely! This book makes it seem so fun.
Who would you recommend Along for the Ride to your bestie? If you love pop stars and super sweet romance, this book is totally for you. I really enjoy watching love stories unfold in my reads—and Katelyn and Zach in Along for the Ride were totally perfect.

Skylar @skylarpmodel

Imagine the book was real life: Would you ever go to Zach's show? I love anything I can dance to, so music like Zach's would so be my style.
What did you think of Katelyn? I loved how determined and outspoken she is. Whether Katelyn's on the soccer field or with the tour group, she is always pushing herself to be her best, which I totally admire.
Do you wish someone in your family was famous? Ofc! Just like Katelyn tours with her family, I would love to hit the road. Watching rehearsals like Connor and Zach's would be hilarious.

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by GL | 7/1/2021