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Spoiler level: Low

Clash is the fourth installation of Kayla Miller’s New York Times bestselling CLICK series—and it's this summer's must-grab graphic novel. It follows sixth-grader Olive and her BFFs as they navigate the ups and downs of middle school (aka drama). But it also touches on mother-daughter bonds and fabulous friendships, making Clash is a super relatable read.

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Spoiler level: High

Olive is the girl who seems to have it all—perfect grades, amazing friends and the whole sixth grade wrapped around her finger. 

Natasha is the new girl and she has her sights set on one thing: replacing Olive as the most popular person in school.

After multiple failed attempts to befriend Nat, Olive begins to realize that Nat is more interested in *stealing* her friends than she is in getting to know Olive.

And when Nat's disinterest turns into intentionally excluding her, Olive has an important decision to make. Does she listen to her Aunt Molly and stop trying to befriend Nat—or listen to her mom and give the new girl the benefit of the doubt?

So what happens next? Read the book right now.

Spoiler level: Medium

Did our Bestie Book Club love Clash? Read on!
We chatted about Clash with our fellow #bookstagrammers Ellarose, Kira, Kylee, Lorelei and Reese about their fave parts of this drama-filled story about friendship, loyalty and the importance of remaining true to yourself.

Ellarose @ellarosekaylor

The friendship drama in Clash feels sooo real. It was honestly so relatable to watch Olive overcome something that so many real girls go through. At the end, I really felt like I could be friends with her—and her whole crew, too!
Speaking of friendship, how do you keep your girls close? I'm a big believer in the Golden Rule: I always treat others how I want to be treated. I think that's why my friendships are so strong.
Nat has to move to a new school where she doesn't know anyone... and that's seriously so hard sometimes! I feel like when it comes to starting over, being friendly goes a long way. It's always nice to see a smiling face in the hallway or have someone to sit with at lunch. And the more people you meet, the easier it gets to find your new crew.

Kira @cali.kira

When you need friendship advice, who do you turn to? TBH, who doesn't need a fresh take sometimes? I always go to my mom when I need advice, just like Olive does with her mom. I trust her judgment and I know she'll always be there to listen and help.
That's so sweet! So role reversal—what's your best friendship advice? Not everyone is going to like you—and that’s OK. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to be nice to those people, like Olive and Nat. Some bonds build instantly, but sometimes it takes time and patience for a friendship to form. 
We loved Olive! She was so funny and sweet—and she handled the Nat situation so well. It was honestly really helpful to read about because friend drama can be so tricky sometimes.

Kylee @cheerps.lauren_k

Clash is a graphic novel, what do you think of the format? It's such a cool way to tell a story! You can actually see how the characters interact on every page—it made it so fun to follow along with.
What would you do if you were ever in Olive's position? Personally, I'd give Natasha space and try to distance myself from her. If I'm making the effort to treat someone nicely and they aren't nice back, I don't always want to be that person's friend.
So what's one friendship rule that you live by? I do my best to always treat my girls with kindness and respect. You never know what someone is going through, so I always want to be the one people can count on to cheer them up.

Lorelei @loreleicheers

What advice would you give a girl moving to a new school? Be brave! Smile at one new person every day. 
Making friends can feel *so* hard sometimes. What's the best way to start talking to someone new? Make the first move. If there is someone you want to be friends with, don't be afraid to introduce yourself. Chances are, they're probably looking for new friends, too.
What did you love the most about Clash? I absolutely loved the illustrations in this book. Graphic novels are some of my fave reads because I can watch the story play out as I'm reading it.

Reese @thereesewarren

What's your parents' *best* piece of friendship advice for you? My parents have always taught me to love and respect everyone, just like Olive's mom tells her. And that's something I try to always do in my own friendships every day.
Olive gets caught in a tricky sitch. How would you handle it if you were in her shoes? If I was being excluded like Olive, I’d def talk to the person one-on-one about their behavior. I’d stand up for myself, for sure.
So you could relate to Olive's story? Totally! It's so nice to read a book that is *so* about all the things I'm dealing with lately. It's literally the perfect read for girls like me.

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by GL | 7/6/2021