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Renie can't stand the glamorous lives of vampires. But when her sister June vanishes from Belle Morte, the famous vampire house, Renie has no choice but to follow in her footsteps. During her stay, Renie quickly realizes that something horrible has happened to June—and that the head of the house is keeping some major secrets. With the help of her new BFF Roux, Renie is determined to discover the truth about her sister...and push away her feelings for seriously swoon-worthy Edmond.

Forbidden romance, fierce friendships and heartstopping mystery moments, Belle Morte by Bella Higgin is a classic vampire story—with *all* the twists and turns of a fantasy thriller. 

After moving into Belle Morte, Renie is on a mission to find her sister June, who went missing just weeks after her own arrival at the vampire house. Renie can't believe that someone would hurt her sister—or that they'd come after her, too. 

Renie has no idea who to trust. But as her days at Belle Morte unfold, she finds herself drawn to Edmond, the handsome and mysterious vampire who challenges everything she thought she knew. Together, Renie and Edmond discover that June has been turned into a bloodthirsty monster—and that she has no memory of Renie *or* her past life. Will Renie be able to bring back her sister...or will she lose her forever?

Belle Morte is the YA romance read you need in your beach tote this summer. You'll come for the supernatural love story but stay for the amaze action and totally touching family moments. 

What are you waiting for?! Read Belle Morte right now.

Spoiler level: Medium

Did our Bestie Book Club love Belle Morte? Read on! Meet Allie, Caroline, Presley, Lexia, Skyla and Skylyn. These ~fabulous~ GL girls heart reading as much as you do—and they're here to answer *all* our most burning Qs about Belle Morte. 

Allie @allie.novels

No spoilers—but which scene stood out to you the most? "The moment when Renie finally finds out what happened to her sister had me on edge. After that, I was up until 2 a.m. because I had to finish the book!"
Who would you recommend this read to? "Belle Morte is a *must* for any YA fantasy lover. It's like if the Twilight series met the Hype House."
Will you be reading the sequel to Belle Morte next year? "Yes, definitely. I'm dying to know what happens to Edmond and Renie. I'm counting down the days until I can get the next book."

Caroline @bookswithcaro

Who would be your Belle Morte BFF? "Roux, 100%. I heart her loyalty and her goofy personality. And I'd love to go to a masquerade ball with Roux, Renie and Jason."
Which three words would you use to describe Renie? "Determined, loyal and courageous. I really admire how she was willing to take risks for her sister and how she never stops looking for the truth."
Any surprising moments? "Edmond's backstory had me totally hooked. He's such a mysterious character—and I loved any scene with him and Renie. He has her back from day one."

Lexia @lexiahayden

Best #bookstagram tip? "Read the books that *you* want to read. Don't compare your goals to anyone else—and have fun exploring different genres!"
Describe the bond between Renie and Edmond. "These two characters are definitely soulmates. Edmond never gives up on helping Renie. Their relationship will give you all the feels, for sure."
Are you ready for the sequel? "Yes! I can't wait to read Revelations. The ending was a total cliff hanger, and I need more answers ASAP."

Presley @presleysbookreviews

Fave character? "Ysanne was so interesting and cool. She has a tough exterior, but she's a fierce leader."
Which major message did you take away from Belle Morte"Lean on others when you need help. At the beginning of the novel, Renie is afraid to confide in anyone. Seeing her open up to her friends as the book progresses is the character development I'm so here for."
What would you rate this read? "Five stars, for sure. I loved the super strong bond between Renie and June. Renie never gives up on bringing her sister back, even when things seem hopeless."

Skyla @skyladisney

Thoughts on Edmond? "I really enjoyed learning more about his early life. He's lived through so many historical events—it would be amazing to ask him questions about the past."
How does Renie's perspective on vampires change throughout the novel? "She comes to Belle Morte with the intention of saving her sister. But as she gets to know the vampires and other donors, she's able to admit to her own errors in judgement. I admire how she owns up to her mistakes."
Are Renie and Roux BFF goals? "Absolutely. Roux is someone you can have a blast with, but she would also keep all of your deepest secrets."

Skylyn @skylynproffitt

Are you a fan of vampires? "Yes! I love fantasy reads that are full of magical creatures. Belle Morte is a perfect fit for anyone who loves thrillers—with twists and turns, ofc."
Fave part of the book? "How do I even choose? The masquerade ball was so suspenseful, and I loved all of the quiet moments that Renie and Edmond shared in the library."
Would you go to Belle Morte? "Totally—but only if I could bring my besties with me. We'd live our best lives at all of the parties and dances (and look fab in our fancy gowns)."

So you've read the book and you're ready to talk all things Belle Morte? Wondering *exactly* how the Bestie Book Club works and what it means to be a member? There are so many ways you can get involved—whether it's solo, on social media or with your whole squad. Here's a quick list...
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by GL | 6/9/2022