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READS: Grief Girl

griefgirl1.jpgHow does a 14-year-old deal when both of her parents are killed by a truck crossing the street, leaving her and her siblings orphans? In a split second, her world falls a part and how to go about picking up the pieces? It's rough going for Erin Vincent when the sympathy calls and flowers come pouring in as a constant reminder of her parents death, leaving it fresh in her mind.

Things get even worse when Erin is left on her own and no one but herself to rely on. All she has left is an 18-year-old sister who appears angrier by the day and a 3-year-old brother who doesn't understand the tragedy of what has happened and why his parents aren't coming home. Money is getting tight and her uncle who is responsible for handling their finances refuses to give Erin and her siblings their own money when they need it most only adds to the grief. How does one so young survive? How to carry on?

Grief Girl: My True Story is a gripping novel that will reach out to anyone who has lost a parent or loved one. It's captivating from beginning to end and shows one girl's extraordinary strength and survival amidst times of tragedy and tumult.

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4/24/2007 1:00:08 AM