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Lock and Key By Sarah Dessen

Love, life and all of the above is what you'll find in this new read! The New York Times bestselling author, Sarah Dessen, does it again with this amazing novel, that'll have you up for hours!

Lock and Key, a heart-warming book, takes you through the challenges of teenager, Ruby, who has lost everything and everyone when her mother abandons her. But fate quickly lends a hand when she is forced to move in with her sister, who she hasn't seen for ten years. Moving from rags to riches, Ruby has a hard time adjusting and starts to push everyone away, especially her popular jock neighbor, Nate. He’s her total opposite, yet seems to be the only one who truly understands her. Through their ups and downs, Ruby begins to realize that Nate may have some secrets of his own that could connect them in unimaginable ways. Follow Ruby through her adventures of overcoming the challenges of facing relationships, fitting in and learning to love others!

GL gives this book two thumbs up! Dessen delves deep into the souls of teenage girlies and definitely gets what they’re going through! Lock and Key is sure to open up your mind and heart (no pun intended) to help you realize the challenges of relationships in your life and how to overcome them!

By Sharon Choi

3/22/2008 10:06:00 AM