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GL's Lit Chicks Challenge!

This is the summer to end all summers! Wanna know why? ‘Cause this summer, GL is starting the Lit Chicks Challenge. We’re throwing down the gauntlet and daring you to stick with us as we read some of the best books 2011 has to offer.


Here’s the deal, bookworms: Over 10 weeks, we’ll be reading eight incredible books. Every Friday starting June 24, we’re gonna post a GL Book Club review along with some discussion questions to get the convo going. Have to miss a week or two? No worries! Just catch up with us next time.


And now…(drum roll, please!)…here are the books!
Not sure where to find our selections? Check your local library's catalog. If they don't have it, request that they order it, or see if you can have it sent to you from another library. You can also grab it used or new at a local bookstore or through

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  • abandon.jpg
    Abandon by Meg Cabot


    One of our favorite authors tries her hand at paranormal fiction in this dark retelling of the Persephone myth. Pierce is torn between two worlds. Can she start fresh in a new town and a new school, or will he always be pulling her back?

    Review and discussion to be posted on… June 24

  • taleoftwocastles.jpg
    A Tale of Two Castles by Gail Carson Levine


    Lovers of Ella Enchanted and Fairest will adore this new fic from Gail Carson Levine. Elodie is new to the town of Two Castles. When she joins forces with a dragon named Meenore to solve the greatest mysteries of the realm, will she be able to topple a greedy king and shape-shifting ogre, or is the town she now calls home doomed to suffer?

    Review and discussion to be posted on… July 1

  • magnolialeague.jpg
    The Magnolia League by Katie Crouch


    When her mother dies, 16-year-old Alexandria Lee is forced to give up her West Coast roots and move in with her grandmother in Savannah, GA. When she’s invited to join an exclusive debutante society, she rolls her eyes at the formality and traditions she’s expected to participate in. But what will happen when she discovers that everything is not so perfect under the surface?

    Review and discussion to be posted on… July 8

  • closetofamous.jpg
    Close to Famous by Joan Bauer
    When 12-year-old Foster McFee runs away from her Memphis home with her mom, all she has is a learning disorder, a pillowcase stuffed with mementos and an incredible talent for baking. They relocate to a tiny West Virginia town and discover that dreams really can come true among a cast of quirky characters.

    Review and discussion to be posted on… July 15

  • whatwouldmy.jpg
    What Would My Cell Phone Do? by Micol Ostow


    Transplanted from her Miami home to frosty Alaska, 16-year-old Aggie Eckhart thinks life couldn’t get any worse. She has no friends, her mom is driving her nuts and to top it all of, her cell is MIA. Great. But when GPS details how her gadget’s been living the high life, she is determined to not be outdone by her phone. World, it’s time for a whole new Aggie!


    Review and discussion to be posted on…July 22

  • girlwhocircumnavigated.jpg
    The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland on a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valente


    One day, 12-year-old September meets a strange gentleman by the kitchen window. The Green Wind, as he is known, takes her to Fairyland for a series of adventures she won’t soon forget. Accompany September to the Enchanted Wood and beyond in this, the first book in Catherynne Valente’s magical new series.

    Review and discussion to be posted on… July 29
  • howtodieofembarrassment.jpg
    How To Die of Embarrassment Every Day by Ann Hodgman


    Funny girls will love this hysterical memoir written by the much-loved Ann Hodgman. In How To Die of Embarrassment, Ann takes a walk down memory lane…and ruefully recounts ever pothole and speed bump along the way.

    Review and discussion to be posted on… August 5

  • babeinboyland.jpg
    Babe in Boyland by Jody Gehrman


    Seveteen-year-old Natalie Rowan is Dr. Aphrodite, the relationship columnist for her high school’s newspaper. In pursuit of fame and recognition, Natalie decides to try her hand at investigative reporting…and goes undercover as “Nat” as the local boys’ academy! Will she discover how the other half really thinks, or just land herself in a world of trouble?

    Review and discussion to be posted on… August 12

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016