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Calling all faery-lovin' femmes! Six will snag "The Lost Prince"

Fey’re baaack…
If you’ve read Julie Kagawa’s ultra popular Iron Fey series, you probably remember Meghan Chase. Ya know, the girl who discovered her secret destiny as the daughter of a mythical faery king? Yep, she’s Queen of Iron now…and her little bro, Ethan, is back as a certified bad boy in The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa.

The fifth book in The Iron Fey series and the first tale of the Call of the Forgotten trilogy—yep, it's a trilogy within a series!— The Lost Prince is a thrilling story of friendship, bravery and romance (of course). Plus, The Lost Prince is full of guest appearances from some of our favorite Iron Fey characters.

Ethan always swore he’d distance himself from the faeries. The fey left him with nothing but fear, disgust and total distrust—pretty understandable, since the vicious fey once kidnapped him and stole his sister’s heart. Ethan is desperate to start anew—away from all the faery drama.

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A (young) man of mystery
Now all grown up, Ethan has transferred to a completely new town and new school. Caught between his human life and his faery connections, he’s had trouble fitting in—he’s a human with the Sight (the rare ability to see faeries), a martial arts master and a total lone wolf, after all.

Ethan’s only friend, Todd, is a half-breed, too—and he’s gone missing along with other creatures of the fey. Mysteriously enough, they disappear with the appearance of the Forgotten, a type of evil fey that no one remembers. Ethan must delve into the world of Neverever—a world he’s avoided since his sister left—to warn the Iron Queen and search for his friend. Will he make it out alive? Or will the fey finally take what they’ve been after all along?

5 unbreakable rules for fallin' in love
Ethan must break his unbreakable rule—to never look at the fey—when he sets out to save his family. On the way, he falls in love with someone completely unexpected. Should you have unbreakable rules when it comes to falling in love? Yep, just follow these five!
  1. Stay totally true to yourself. Never change at someone else's request—a great guy will love ya for who you are
  2. Don’t forget your girls. They were there for ya first! Plus, a li’l bit of space makes the time with your BF even more special
  3. Learn to forgive—without holding grudges! He was late to your locker (again) and hasn’t texted you back in two hours? Don’t sweat the small stuff…let it go, girl!
  4. Keep things fun. Don’t take things too seriously—making snow men and hangin’ at the park are great date ideas, no dollars required
  5. Follow your heart. It’s great to listen to what others have to say, but it’s even more important to listen to your self. Always do what feels right!

    Get the fey…for free!
    5 faery-lovin’ femmes will each score a copy of The Lost Prince by Julia Kagawa. Plus, one grand prize winner will score a complete boxed set of The Iron Fey series. Here’s how to enter…
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    3. Enter as many times as you like from now until January 5, 2013 at 11:59pm EST
    4. Check this post on January 7, 2013 to see if you won!

    Update: Congratulations to our winners!
    Krista S.
    Carmen H.
    Kasey F.
    YeJin J.
    Ariel A.
    Mercedes A.


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