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7 fresh books you've gotta read this summer

Need a book to dive into this summer on the beach? Choose one of our freshest picks! Make sure you’ve slapped on the sunscreen, though, because once you start reading one of these, you’ll be in your chair all day long.
Which new book are you definitely gonna read this summer? Blog about it, babes.
  • 1theoryofeverything.jpg

    The Theory Of Everything by Kari Luna

    Check it out…July 11

    Meet Sophie, an average girl living with her unconventional physicist father and normal mother. It’s almost standard to hear about her father’s extraordinary imagination and for him to disappear for short periods of time…until one day when Sophie’s father never comes back. Once her family picks up and moves from NY to IL, she starts to realize that she is more like her father than she thought. And after having visions of her own, Sophie sets off to look for her dad.


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  • 2howilostyou.jpg

    How I Lost You by Janet Gurtler

    Check it out…now

    Kya and Grace have always been BFFs. They do absolutely everything together and can practically read each other’s minds. Kya is very adventurous and loves dragging Grace into crazy things she would never do alone. Grace loves the daring excursions but one day she thinks they are taking it too far. Now it’s up to Grace to decide: Should she ditch the scene or save her friendship. Which will she do?


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  • 3invisible.jpg

    Invisible by Marni Bates

    Check it out…June 25

    High schooler Jane Smith has always been hidden in others’ shadows—and she’s fine with that. When the editor of the school newspaper insists that Jane writes an article for them, she doesn’t realize what she is getting herself into.  Quickly, she becomes discovered when uncovering scandals, auditioning for the school play and dating one of the hottest jocks at the school. See where her school newspaper gig takes her.


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  • 4wednesdaytower.jpg

    Wednesdays in the Tower by Jessica Day George

    Check it out…now

    Princess Celia and her brother Bran, the new Royal Wizard, have lived in Castle Glower their entire lives. For them, Wednesdays are ordinary—the same people, hallways and rooms. So they are very surprised when they wake up one Wednesday morning and see a new tower had popped up. So, being the adventurous sibs they are, they decide to scope it out. Little do they know a ginormous orange egg is waiting to hatch inside.


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  • 5languageinside.jpg

    The Language Inside by Holly Thompson

    Check it out…May 14

    Emma Karas lives in a small Massachusetts town with her grandmother. Born and raised in Japan, she feels extremely out of place in America. And back home, her mother is undergoing treatments for breast cancer. Emma goes through a lot of sad and lonely nights, so when her grandma urges her to volunteer at a long-term care center, she quickly takes her up on the idea. There, Emma makes friends with other volunteers who help cheer her up.


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  • 6kindnessweakness.jpg

    Kindness for Weakness by Shawn Goodman

    Check it out…May 14

    Living in a juvenile detention center, 15-year-old James struggles to live a regular life. He feels frightened, out of place and stuck. Throughout the story, James tries his hardest to break away from the norm his life has become and change into a stronger boy. Find out if he succeeds.


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  • 7boballardcreek.jpg

    Bo At Ballard Creek by Kirkpatrick Hill

    Check it out…June 18
    As a young child, Bo was an orphan. She never had a steady home and was always moving from one orphanage to the next. When Bo was on her way to an orphanage in Alaska, she met two gold miners who instantly fell in love with her. They immediately adopted her and she set off to live with them. This amazing story follows Bo’s day-to-day adventures and, we promise, there is never a dull moment.

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by Elizabeth Kuntz | 2/1/2016