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You're in for a thrill ride with Deceived

In search of suspense this fall? Julie Anne Lindsey's Deceived is the perfect find. Set in a boarding school in middle of nowhere Ohio, the thriller takes you on a journey of betrayal, mystery and self-discovery as Elle Smith's world unravels before our eyes.

Elle's mother tragically died several years ago, and her single father has been moving the two of them around non-stop ever since, leaving Elle as the perpetual “new girl.” This time, she finds herself at a new boarding school—just in time for senior year. Surrounded by new kids, teachers and buildings, she hopes this move will remedy the persistent night terrors that have been haunting her more and more.

Instead of the improvement she wished for, however, Elle begins experiencing bizarre events at school (like cigarette butts left on her doormat and ribbon placed on her locker), leading her to feel paranoid and threatened. And things only progress as rumors start swirling of a serial killer, convincing Elle that she is being contacted—and targeted—by the Reaper.

With any good read, there is some room for romance, too, when Elle and her roommate Pixie meet mysterious fellow student Brian at a flea market. Together, Elle and Brian form a close bond and discover that Elle's father might not be exactly who he says he is, throwing them on one wild journey to find the truth.

Will Elle be able to find her true identity and overcome the Reaper? Or will this be the end? This fast-paced story offers an exquisite point of view from Elle, leaving us feeling a super close connection with her as we simultaneously experience the surprising and intense truths behind her as they are continuously uncovered.

Julie Anne Lindsey's Deceived is a gripping page-turner you won't be able to put down. Its many mysteries pull you in further and further.

Be sure to pick up a copy (in stores now!) then come back and share your thoughts.

Grab the book here!

Are you into mystery reads? Which is your fave? Share in the comments below.

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by Alyson Katz | 2/1/2016
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