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6 must-reads to have on hand when school ends


Summer is almost here, which means it’s your time to unwind. Since you’re just about done reading Tom Sawyer, To Kill a Mockingbird and all the other literary classics that have been weighing down your backpack this semester, it’s time to slip some leisurely reading into those lazy days. So we’ve rounded up the books you just gotta open up as soon as that final bell rings.

Which book will you be reading once the school year ends? Share in the comments below.


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  • 1wishyouwereitalian.jpg

    Wish You Were Italian by Kristin Rae

    If you’re not packing your bags for an exciting adventures this summer, this book will do all the traveling for you. You can live vicariously through 17-year-old Pippa as she jets off on a solo trip to Italy. Pippa is supposed to be spending her summer in an Italian art program but she would much rather see Italy in her own way. Let’s just say things don’t exactly go as planned—especially when she meets her dream Italian guy…and an equally charming American dude. Whatever will Pippa do?

    Grab the book here!

  • 2distancebetweenus.jpg

    The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

    This novel is a must if you wanna prepare yourself for your next summer fling. The story follows Caymen Meyers and her romance with rich boy Xander. Caymen believes Xander is like all the other rich folk she’s studied from her mom’s porcelain doll shop, but she starts to see a new side of him and begins to change her mind. She definitely doesn’t want her mother to discover their secret fling, but what Caymen uncovers about Xander could be even more detrimental to their relationship.

    Grab the book here!

  • 3side-effects-may-vary.jpg

    Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy

    If you need something shocking to start your summer, the amusing and engaging Alice of Side Effects May Vary is your go-to girl. When Alice is diagnosed with cancer, she decides to spend her remaining time ticking off boxes on her bucket list. But these aren’t just any ordinary items. She has ulterior motives to get revenge and redeem herself. Alice sees it as her one shot to do things right but when she discovers that she is in remission from her cancer, the whole situation gets more complicated than she ever expected.

    Grab the book here!

  • 4royally-lost-cover.jpg

    Royally Lost by Angie Stanton

    If you think your family vacays are crazy, then you haven’t read this book. Becca would rather be anywhere than on a lengthy trip with her dad, mom and brother. But then she meets a boy…who happens to be a prince…who happens to be on the run from his responsibilities. Not your normal family getaway, right? By the time you finish this book, you won’t have a worry in the world about your own family road trip.

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  • 5openroadsummer.jpg

    Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

    Imagine hitting the road with your favorite musician, then add a cute, talented boy to the mix. That’s exactly the kind of summer Reagan O’Neill is having when she joins her country star bestie Lilah Montgomery on tour after breaking up with her abusive, untrustworthy boyfriend. Reagan isn’t exactly a golden girl, so she sets out to create a new image for herself. But all that’s put on hold when the opening act on Lilah’s tour, Matt Finch, turns his charm on and Reagan just can’t resist.

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  • 6pastperfect.jpg

    Past Perfect by Leila Sales

    The school year may be coming to a close but that doesn’t mean you can’t still learn a thing or two, right? Chelsea wants a relaxing summer full of good hangs, yummy treats and heart healing. Her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Ezra didn’t end so well, and she was looking forward to getting over him for good. But when she shows up at her summer job and finds out that Ezra is working there too, it seems like she’ll be spending the summer learning about love, limits and letting things go a little differently than she had imagined.

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by Sydney Adamson | 2/1/2016