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One fierce reading list: We've got 8 great books to stock your shelves

The newest batch of Fierce Reads makes for a seriously satisfying book list: dystopian dramas, thrilling fantasies, aww-worthy romance and dark tales of teen life. 
Flip through the slideshow below to get a sneak peek at each book—and stock up your shelves for summer with 8 unforgettable stories.

  • SEKRET_BG_CV.jpg
    by Lindsay Smith

    In order to survive in Soviet Russia, seventeen-year-old Yulia’s father always taught her to control her thoughts and emotions. And when she’s captured by KGB, Yulia is forced to work as a psychic spy with other teens. Their mission? To stop the US space program so Russia can get there first. 

    Yulia is thrown into a world of suspicion, deception and dangerous power. Her friends and supervisors can read her mind. One wrong step can cause the death of her mom or brother. She can trust no one…and she’s not even sure America is the enemy. 

    Yulia must rely on her own skills to survive in a world where no sekret can be kept for long. CLICK HERE to check out this exhilarating tale.
  • SavageDrift.jpg
    Monument 14: Savage Drift
    by Emmy Laybourne 

    The intense and fierce conclusion to the Monument 14 trilogy will leave you unable to put this book down. 

    Things are looking good for the survivors of Monument 14: They made it to a refugee camp and some have been reunited with their families. Dean and Alex are starting to talk about plans for the future—and Niko even learns that his love, Josie, has also survived.

    But Josie is being held in a prison camp for the exposed Type O’s—and has lost all hope of survival. And Astrid, frightened by the government’s unusual interest in her pregnancy, teams up with Niko, Dean and Jake to help save her.

    The stakes are raised for this final fight against the unthinkable. Will they survive the chemical dust clouds? Will Niko reunite with Josie? Does Astrid safely escape medical experimentation on her pregnancy? CLICK HERE to check out Monument 14: Savage Drift.
  • Ruin&Rising.jpg
    Ruin and Rising
    by Leigh Bardugo

    In this thrilling third addition to the Grisha Trilogy, the fate of the nation depends on Alina the Sun Summoner and what remains of a once-great army. Together, they must stand up to the Darkling who’s been ruling Ravka under a thick darkness from his shadow throne.

    In the first two books, Alina unleashed her unknown powers against the darkness to save her best friend. She was taken to be a member of the Grisha, a mystical group led by the Darkling. And after running away with her love, Mal, Alina must return to her country to fight off the Darkling.

    Now, in Ruin and Rising, Alina must find the firebird—the only thing between Ravka and destruction. She must make new alliances and forgive old rivals. And she must uncover secrets of the Darkling that will permanently change the way she sees her own powers. CLICK HERE to find out how it all ends. 
  • Of Neptune_hi.jpg
    Of Neptune
    by Anna Banks

    In this final book of the Syrena Legacy series, Emma—a half-human, half-Syrena (mermaid)—and Galen—a full Syrena prince—test their love once more. The two realize they need to spend some quality time away from the Poseidon and Triton kingdoms, so Emma’s grandfather, the king of Poseidon, sends them off to Neptune. 

    There, Emma and Galen find both Syrena and Half-Breeds living together. But Neptune isn’t perfect for them, either. Before long, Emma and Galen find themselves amidst a power struggle that will put both their love and their kingdoms on the line.

    Will Emma and Galen’s love for one another be enough? Or will the pressures that surround them break them up for good? CLICK HERE to find out once and for all in Of Neptune.
  • LLTTD_RGB.jpg
    Love Letters to the Dead
    by Ava Dellaira

    “Write a letter to a dead person.” 

    What starts off as a simple English assignment becomes a mission of self-exploration for Laurel. First, she writes a letter to her dead sister’s dead love, Kurt Cobain. But she doesn’t stop there—that letter opens up something inside of her, and she continues to fill a notebook with letters to all sorts of dead people.

    She writes to the dead about everything: school, love, her family struggles. She even writes about the abuse she suffered when May was supposed to be watching her back. And by writing about that bitterly painful past, Laurel begins to come to terms with what happened to her sister—and starts to gain a better understanding of life.  

    Want to get start your own notebook of letters to the dead? CLICK HERE for the official Love Letters to the Dead stationary!
  • BrokenHearts_cvr_hirez.jpg

    Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend

    by Katie Finn

    Gemma just got dumped and, like any other girl, she’s totally devastated. She winds up spending her summer in the Hamptons, where ex-BFF Hallie—who Gemma wronged 5 years ago—lives. But luckily enough, the nervous Gemma finds herself mistaken for someone else, so she decides to go along with it in the hopes of avoiding trouble with Hallie.

    Gemma’s plan works for a while, but she soon finds herself in a bunch of seriously embarrassing situations. Gemma starts to think these mishaps are no coincidence—could someone be trying to reveal her real identity? 

    All Gemma wanted to do was make amends with Hallie, but now everything is so complicated that Gemma will have to admit she lied to Hallie the entire summer. CLICK HERE for a sneak peek at the first book in the Broken Hearts and Revenge series. 
  • 9781596439092.jpg
    The Truth About Alice
    by Jennifer Mathieu

    Alice has a bad rep. And when Healy High’s star quarterback dies in a car crash, it was because he was sending so-not-okay texts with Alice. Ask anybody.
    Vicious rumors have always haunted Alice—they’re even written on the bathroom wall at school. But after Brandon dies, the rumors start to spiral out of control. 

    In this remarkable debut novel, four Healy High students tell all they “know” about Alice—and in doing so, reveal their own secrets and motivations, painting a raw look at the realities of life as a teen. 

    But exactly what is the truth about Alice? In the end there’s only one person to ask: Alice herself. CLICK HERE to read her gripping story.
  • 9780374384678.jpg
    The Winner’s Curse
    by Marie Rutkoski

    17-year-old Krestel lives in an empire her father conquered—and she can either join the army or get married. But Krestel has a different plan. The empire enslaves those it conquers…and Krestel has her eyes on the spirited young Arin.

    When Krestel purchases Arin as her slave, the two soon realize they must hide their newfound love for each other. But Krestel learns that Arin has a secret, too, and finds out that paying for the life of another human came at a much higher cost than she ever could have imagined.

    This is a story of deadly games—where everything is at stake, even their hearts. CLICK HERE to catch the trailer for The Winner’s Curse.


by GL | 2/1/2016
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