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Go on wandering adventures with All the Bright Places

If you're the kind of reader that loves a heart-breaking book and doesn't mind getting some tear stains on the pages, then you need to check out Jennifer Niven's new book All the Bright Places. Beautiful and inspiring, this book will make you feel so many things that you can't even imagine.

When Theodore Finch and Violet Markey meet while both of them are standing on the ledge of the bell tower, it's clear that their relationship is going to be one that's far from normal. After Finch talks Violet down from the ledge – and then plays into the rumor that she was the one that saved him – things start to brew between the two, whether it's a strange camraderie, an honest friendship, or something even more.

After Finch snags Violet as his partner for a U.S. Geography project, prompting them to explore their seemingly unremarkable home state of Indiana, the two begin to talk and share and wander, discovering the beauty and the wonder in the ordinary and all around them. 

Things are complicated, however, as both Finch and Violet struggle to deal with their own problems. With Finch fighting off the darkness that threatens to pull him back into a strange, living sleep, and Violet wading through the turbulant grief of losing her sister a year before, the two struggle to find their true selves while also finding each other. 

Will Finch and Violet discover the beauty in each other and in their wandering adventures, or will they get lost trying to find themselves? To find out, pick up a copy of Jennifer Niven's novel All The Bright Places – available now.  

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by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016