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What's love without a little magic? This February, fall under the spell of Dearest, the third installment of the Woodcutter Sisters series!


Can’t get enough of those fairytale/adventure/romance hybrids? Check out a new twist on classic tales with Dearest, the third sweet and supernatural installment about the lives of the Woodcutter sisters from Alethea Kontis. 


A dangerous spell…

Kindly seamstress Friday Woodcutter puts love into everything she does. She’s always trying to take care of everyone around her…but that generous nature is put to the test when she must use her unique magic to reverse a spell cast on the boy she thinks might be her Prince Charming.


An enchanted kingdom….

When Friday washes up at her sister’s castle after an otherworldly storm, she finds the kingdom devastated by an accidentally summoned ocean. While caring for the storm’s refugees, she discovers that the seven strange swans on the castle grounds are actually enchanted royalty—destined to be swans by day, but assuming their true identities at night.


An impossible love…

The moment Friday meets swan prince Tristan, the two fall immediately and madly in love. But will Friday’s magic let her reverse the swan spell while still helping the rest of the kingdom? Or will her love be destined to fly away?


Embrace the magic

Need to know what will happen next in this ultimate fairytale adventure? CLICK HERE to find out more.

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by GL | 2/1/2016