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What do your dreams really mean? Find out with the Dream a Little Dream decoder!

Have you ever had a totally crazy dream? Like, talking statue-level weird? Liv from the new novel Dream a Little Dream knows how you feel...

Ever since Liv moved to London, her nights have been filled with strange, otherworldly dreams. Doors with lizard heads for knobs; long, scary corridors and—the weirdest part—four of the cutest boys from her new school performing creepy rituals in a graveyard. And, as crazy as it seems, Liv is pretty sure the boys are actually in her dreams. How else could they know so much about her? It's a total mystery, but Liv is determined to solve it.

Join Liv on her dream decoding mission by grabbing a copy of Kerstin Gier's Dream a Little Dream, available HERE. Want to solve your own dream dilemma? Read on!


Keep dreaming about the same thing night after night? It just might mean something. Dream interpretation definitely isn't an exact science, but psychologists have long been interested in the significance of certain recurring images. Check out some of the most common dreams (and what they mean) below:



Have you ever woken up with a jolt after dreaming about falling? These dreams are some of the most common, and might happen when you're overwhelmed by things like work, school or friendships. If you're consistently stumbling in your shut-eye, ask yourself if you're in control of all of your responsibilities. Chances are you might need to think about rearranging your workload.  


Being chased 

Ahhh! Being chased can can feel like a total nightmare. The good news? It might not be as bad as it seems. Chasing dreams can mean that you're really close to achieving a goal—and all you need is a little push. You might wake up sweating, but trust yourself: You can do this.  


Showing up to school...without your clothes

OMG! These dreams are way worse than that time your skirt got tucked up in your tights. Showing up at school in the buff generally means that you're feeling vulnerable or anxious about something—whether it's starting a new school, running for student council or joining the school play. Once you get comfortable, though, the dreams should start to go away. Whew.



If you're soaring while you're snoozing, it might mean that you need a break. Flying dreams generally represent a desire to get away from it all and just feel free. So the next time you sprout a pair of wings in a dream, know it's time to chill out. Take an afternoon off to relax and spend time by yourself. You'll be more grounded in no time.  


Being totally unprepared for a test

No, dreaming about test-taking doesn't just mean you're freaking out about that English exam (though that could be part of it). People who dream about tests tend to be perfectionists and see even the littlest things as a sort of mini test for themselves. Experts say this isn't always a bad thing—dreaming about that exam might just make you more ready for the real thing.


Not seeing your dream here? Maybe your dreams are a bit more...magical. Check out Dream a Little Dream to find out!

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by GL | 2/1/2016