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Fall head over heels in love with Never Always Sometimes

Falling in love is tough, especially when you’re completely crazy for your best friend. In Adi Alsaid’s new novel Never Always Sometimes, Dave knows this struggle firsthand. He’s been madly and secretly in love with his best friend Julia for years. In this touching and humorous romance, Dave and Julia are forced to put their relationship at stake as they come to terms with their true feelings.

The day before their first day of high school, Dave and Julia made a list of clichés they promised each other they’d never, ever do. The last and most important never on that list? Never date your best friend. Fast forward to the last months of their senior year and the list resurfaces. Together, the two made a point choice to check off every single never.

As they navigate through hair-dying and party-throwing, Dave finds himself stuck between a new and exciting crush and the best friend who’s always been by his side. Meanwhile, Julia finally starts to recognize her feelings for Dave—but is she too late?

Are Dave and Julia destined to be nothing more than just friends? Will their new adventures cause their relationship to fall apart or grow stronger than ever? Check out Adi Alsaid’s Never Always Sometimes, available August 4th, to find out.

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by Mallory Walker | 2/1/2016