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Sail through time and unravel the mystery...and you could WIN!

Have you ever dreamed of traveling through time? Now you can—in Passenger, a whirlwind new novel from Alexandra Bracken. Read on to discover the magic, then take GL's Time Travel Challenge below! 

A hidden talent...
Etta Spencer knows she is a seriously gifted violinist. What she doesn't know? She also has another crazy power: time travel. That is, until she wakes up in the middle of a raging sea battle…in 1776. 

An unexpected ally…
Without knowing how or why, Etta has become an unwanted passenger on the ship of Nicholas Carter, a handsome stranger who knows far more about her than she would have thought possible. But when he delivers her into the arms of the darkly powerful Ironwood family, Etta realizes that it is not Nicholas that she has to fear.

A journey through time…
Forced to find the mysterious object the Ironwoods seek, Nicholas and Etta must follow the clues of a bygone traveler through centuries and across continents. But the closer they come to finding it, the farther they are drawn apart…and the further Etta becomes from returning to her home in the present. 

Ready to embark on your own Passenger passage? Take the Time Travel Challenge below for your chance to win!

Here's how to enter

1. Click through the clues, writing down the answer that corresponds with the number of letters represented by the blanks. 
2. In order, the circled letters should form a secret word.
3. Type the secret word into the white box.
4. Click enter.

You can enter as many times as you want between now and Feb.5, 2016 at 11:59 PM. To get a head start on the adventure, CLICK HERE.


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by GL | 2/1/2016