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You have to check this totally *amazing* love story!


Every girl dreams of just running into the perfect guy, but what happens when she forgets to find out his name?

Hannah thinks she has found her lobster/soulmate, but after a party mishap involving a trampoline and some puking, she realizes she may have thought wrong. Then there’s Toilet Boy, the cutie she met that same night in her bestie’s bathroom. Even though she doesn’t know his name, and will probably never see him again, Hannah can’t get him off of her mind.

Sam is convinced he’s going to die alone. In all of his time in high school, not once has anything worked out with a girl. That all changes when he meets the girl of his dreams in a James Bond-esque bathroom. Too bad he never learned her name, because Grape Girl doesn’t have a great ring to it.

When fate brings them together again, Hannah and Sam’s story gets a lot more complicated. Will their tale of happenstance end in happiness or heartbreak? Read this story of first love to find out. Told through Hannah and Sam’s alternating viewpoints, former high school sweethearts Lucy Ivison and Tom Ellen show how totally awkward a love story can get.

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by Maria Graham | 5/14/2016