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John Green is *finally* releasing a new novel!

This might be the biggest book news of 2017!  

We cannot stop fan-girling right now. After a six-year break, one of our favorite authors, John Green, is back with a brand new novel

Yesterday at VidCon, the best-selling author of our all-time fave books (and movies!) The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns announced that his newest novel, Turtles All the Way Down, will be released on Oct. 10.

What do we know so far? The book follows 16-year-old Aza Holmes, a teen who is dealing with mental illness while trying to solve a mystery involving a runaway billionaire. TBH, we'd probably read this book no matter what it's about, and this sounds *so* awesome! 

John says that he has been working on the book for years, and it is more personal than his past novels. “This is my first attempt to write directly about the kind of mental illness that has affected my life since childhood, so while the story is fictional, it is also quite personal.” 

We expect some tear-jerker moments, as well as some totally inspiring quotes, just like in his other novels.

We're counting down the days until Oct. 10 so we can pick up a copy! This will literally be us when we get it...

What's your fave John Green book? Why? Sound off in the comments! 

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by Maddie McGee | 6/23/2017