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The best Halloween costumes inspired by your favorite books

Because who doesn't want to dress up like a kick-butt heroine on Halloween?

Book worms, we have the ultimate Halloween costumes we think you'll love. Have you ever wanted to be your favorite characters? Well, we've got the closest thing: You can dress up like them for Halloween —we're teaching you how! Get ready to start putting these (easy!) outfits together.

Tris Prior


Did you want to be brave like Tris in Divergent? Us too—and her costume is actually pretty easy. All you'll need is a black tank and pants. (How else are you supposed to dress when you're going into the simulator?) For an extra touch, you can find temporary tattoos of birds, just like Tris got in the books!

Nancy Drew


Are you hoping to solve a mystery this Halloween? You should definitely dress up like Nancy Drew. She's incredibly smart and can solve any case you give her. To recreate her look, opt for a button up shirt under a sweater and pair it with a plaid skirt and headband. Nancy had a preppy look that we know you'll love. Just don't forget your magnifying glass at home!

Katniss Everdeen


Katniss Everdeen was the epitome of goals in The Hunger Games books. Not only was she brave enough to take the place of her sister in the Games, but she was strong enough to make it to the end. She's definitely a character to aspire to be like. Because she's in the woods during the games, she needs a leather jacket and boots to keep her warm. Also, Katniss would never leave the house without her bow and arrows. You never know when you'll need them! (Pro tip: Skip the bow and arrows—or make a cardboard version—if you're going to wear this cozzie to school or work.)

Harry Potter


There are so many inspiring characters that you can choose from in the Harry Potter books! Because we couldn't choose just one, we just decided to pair a house cloak with a matching scarf. Also, Hermione Granger would most definitely tell you that your wand is a necessity! With this look, you can tame any dark force.

Emma Bloom


If you read the book Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, you know that Emma's character has the power to control fire. So, we found these cool battery-powered lights that'll make it look like you're harnessing flames while out of Halloween night! The orange will be an awesome accent to your pretty blue dress, too.

Anne of Green Gables


Before Anne with an 'E' came out, it was a book! If you read it, we know you'll totally love dressing up as this awesome girl. Because it's set way back in time, you'll need to look the part. We opted for a sweater dress, high socks, boots and an old-fashioned hat. Part your hair down the middle and braid each side to make it look like Anne in the Netflix adaptation! If you want to look more authentic, ask for help with an updo!

Who are you going to dress up as for Halloween? Which outfit is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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by Katlyn Pierre | 10/19/2017
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