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Gift Guide: For the next J.K. Rowling

You know that your friend who's *constantly* penning poems, working on her novel and devouring books has the makings of the next best-selling author. You can help her on her journey with these gift ideas—they’re definitely the “write” choice for her!

  • aqua-notes-home.jpg

    Waterproof notepad, $7

    Sometimes the greatest ideas are born—and lost—in the shower. With this smart gift, she’ll be able to record her thoughts mid-shampooing!

  • writershirt.jpg

    Graphic tee, $13

    Being able to move people with words? That’s def a superpower, and she should be proud of it!

  • typewriternecklace.jpg

    Typewriter necklace, $10

    This adorable necklace will liven up any outfit *and* inspire your girl to keep doing what she loves.

  • bnjournal.jpg

    Floral journal, $12

    Brainstorm, take notes, jot down character inspo…The possibilities of a journal are endless, especially for your creative BFF!

  • bird-by-bird.jpg

    Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, $11

    A classic book that every writer should read. It’ll make her laugh, too!

  • earbuds.jpg

    Skullcandy earbuds, $10

    With these, your bestie will be able to drown out noise and read or write anywhere!

  • hero.jpg

    Book of the Month membership, $45

    It’s every book-lover’s dream: getting sent a fantastic book every month!

  • prejudice_tote_lavender2_front.png

    Pride and Prejudice tote bag, $29

    Is the gal you’re thinking of a Jane Austen fan? She’ll love this Pride and Prejudice-inspired tote bag, perfect for carrying around her favorite books and writing materials!

  • writersblock.jpg

    The Writer’s Block, $9

    This literal block will help your sista overcome her greatest enemy: writer’s block.


by By Grace Zhou | 11/23/2017