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The best YA thrillers—whose endings you *won't* see coming

You know those books that make your jaw *actually* drop? The ones that have you *so* hooked that you literally cannot put them down? You're certain you know what's coming, until the twist ending hits you like a punch in the gut and you're flipping back through the pages wondering how you could have missed it?

If you're a fan of THOSE books, check out our *faves* for some new recommendations.

Genuine Fraud


Who *is* Jule? She's whoever she wants you to think she is. Told in reverse chronological order, this twisty thriller will confuse the heck out of you. Don't worry, that's what it's supposed to do, so don't give up! Once the puzzle pieces fit together, your mind. Will. Be. BLOWN. Chock full of intensity, complex characters and even murder, Genuine Fraud shows the lengths some people will go to for a new life.

Monday's Not Coming


Monday is missing, and her BFF Claudia is the only person who notices. As more and more time goes on, Claudia gets more concerned. How could Monday just vanish out of thin air? And why is nobody willing to help Claudia get to the bottom of it? In addition to packing an emotional punch, Monday's Not Coming does not shy away from educating readers about hard hitting issues.

People Like Us


Everyone has secrets. Kay Donovan, soccer prodigy and scholarship kid, is no stranger to this. But Kay has reinvented herself at Bates Academy; everyone envies her group (think the Plastics from Mean Girls) and nobody questions her. When the body of a Bates Academy student is found in the lake, however, secrets start to come out. People Like Us is a perfect boarding school thriller, one that fans of Truly Devious and A Study in Charlotte will devour.  

With Malice


With Malice is a fast paced, whiplash inducing thriller that is told from a collection of interviews, witness statements and social media comments and posts, as well as narrative from the MC, Jill. She wakes up in the hospital with a broken leg, stitches and a missing memory as to what happened in the time leading up to her stay in the hospital. Jill is shocked to find that she's in the center of a murder investigation that happened during her study abroad program in Italy. The victim? Her BFF. This shocking suspense read has an ending you'll never see coming.

All Your Twisted Secrets


What do you get when you trap the queen bee, the stoner, the music geek, the jock, the outsider and the nerd in a room together...with a bomb that will go off unless the group chooses one person to kill? Chaos. *Everyone* has something to live for, and *everyone* has something to hide. As the clock ticks down, the group panics as they try and decide who should die.

I Know You Remember


After the death of her mother, Ruthie Hayden moves back to Alaska to live with her father. When she arrives, she's confronted with the worst news of all time. Her longtime BFF, Zahra, is missing. As Ruthie desperately tries to find out what happened to her friend, she starts to uncover that Zahra's life is not quite what it seems. 

Happy reading!



by Elina Graham | 1/11/2021