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10 BookTubers to start watching right now

You need help deciding which book to buy or simply looking for an excuse to watch hours worth of people ranting about a popular book series? Look no further, we have 10 booktubers that will get you addicted with their content and personality. 

Fictional Fates 

After being a book reporter for several years, Joel Rochester uploaded his first BookTube video during the height of quarantine on his channel, Fictional Fates. His channel is filled with massive book hauls, writing vlogs and British book recommendations. 

This Story Ain't Over 

Jananie (This Story Ain't Over) posts lots of fantasy recommendations, bullet journaling and reorganizing her bookshelf videos.

A Clockwork Reader 

Hannah (a.k.a. A Clockwork Reader) is one of the most followed BookTubers on Youtube. Starting in 2015, the soft-spoken BookTuber has hundreds of videos on her obsession with The Mortal Instruments series and book shopping vlogs. 

Mina Reads 

Mina is a pro at tier-ranking book videos and recommending novels written by Black authors. Her witty humor will surely hook you into binge-watching all her videos. 

Monica Kim 

Not only is Monica's thumbnails the *cutest* her whole aesthetic is super kawaii, especially when it comes to her stationery hauls and favorite Korean books videos. 

Cari Can Read  

Cari created her second channel, Cari Can Read, during quarantine—posting original content like "Reading Like BTS' Namjoon | RM's Book Recommendation List" and opinion videos on popular books. 

A Dash of Ash 

Ash uploads a bunch of TBR, reading vlogs and Percy Jackson content for anyone to enjoy. 

Mika Auguste 

Mika uploads the typical bookish content with a twist like "Talking About Books While I Do My Makeup" and "24 Hour Readathon." You can catch Mika talking about her *fave* author Sarah J. Maas in almost every video. 


Ellias not only reads YA fantasy and contemporary novels he also *highly* recommends manga and graphic novels. He does many collaborations with fellow BookTubers like WithCindy and Noelle Gallagher. 

Books with Chloe

If you're looking for a BookTuber with a little more edge/dark academia look book with Chloe is your go-to gal! Chloe posts bookish videos alongside talking about her tattoos and her love for Halloween. 

Which BookTuber are you watching right now? Let us know by tagging us @girlslifemag on Twitter. 


by Chaela Williams | 2/16/2021