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Your guide to the best audiobooks for fall 2021


Maybe physical books aren't for you, that's *totally* understandable! Audiobooks can be great if you have trouble concentrating. Maybe you just want to listen to your fave young adult novel while doing your makeup! Whatever your reasons are, we got you covered. Here is your guide to the *best* audiobooks for this fall!


Murderous mystery thriller - They Wish They Were Us by Jessica Goodman 

Following Jill Newman in a small town on Long Island, the new school year is full of *so* much more than just studying. With murders and secret societies, you're sure to be on the edge of your seat while you read this book, or rather, while you *listen* to this book! The audiobook makes it so much more spooky and thrilling. You won't want to pause it at any moment. Not to mention, the book will soon be a TV series starring Sydney Sweeney! 

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Good vibes fall book - Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

There is no better book for the fall than Little Women! The story shows the lives of four sisters, while they navigate through childhood, teenage years and into womanhood. One of the *best* parts of the audiobook is that there are multiple narrators. Most of the characters have their own person narrating their voice. One of them being Laura Dern, who starred in the 2019 movie adaption! 

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Witches! Perfect for the spooky season - The Babysitters Coven by Kate M. Williams 

A babysitting club isn't something a typical high schooler would have, but the main character, Esme Pearl, is *no* typical high schooler. Esme and the popular new girl, Cassandra, couldn't be any more different. Yet, an unlikely friendship sparks through fighting evil with witch powers. This book is a perfect fit for Halloween but also continuing the spooky season all throughout fall. Listening to this book is a surreal experience, hearing the voices and acting throughout the story, but still leaves room for imagination! 

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Back to school for the atypical high schooler - Influence by Sara Shepard and Lilia Buckingham 

Four girls with a *lot* of influence, cameras and phones. What could go wrong? Throughout the book, you get to experience exactly that. A coming of age novel about influencers and their struggles, you see yourself in each one of the characters. The *best* audiobooks are usually narrated by its author. Influence is narrated by one of the authors, Lilia Buckingham. She knows the characters better than anyone else, so it totally makes sense that she does such an amazing job narrating! 

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by Kelly Schwint | 10/12/2021