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Get Crackin' with Ballerina Detective

Have you ever solved a mystery? Well, step into the shoes of 12-year-old Kayla to see what it’s like.

Ballerina Detective and the Missing Jeweled Tiara by Karen Rita Rautenberg is a suspenseful mystery where Kayla and her friends try to find Amber’s prized possession: a jeweled tiara that mysteriously went missing during a ballet class.

Kayla has to put her full detective face on to solve this mystery. Buying fingerprinting kits, eavesdropping on suspects and interviewing possible witnesses, this is definitely not a boring read.

This book doesn’t only deal with a theft, it also focuses on other stressful parts of Kayla’s life—going to the movies with her crush, dealing with mean girls and spraining her ankle. Whether Kayla is flirting with Jason or doing her pliés in ballet, this enthralling book will leave you wanting more.

Does Kayla find the tiara? Will she remember all of her lines in her play? Hit up your local bookstore or library to find out.

By: Julia Fine

12/23/2009 7:00:00 AM