You Wrote It

Monday read: This touching original poem will make you think

Hey GL girls! Read this beautiful poem by reader Isabella S.
The World Cries Softly
The world cries softly
As it remembers better times,
Before the human troubles,
Before the human crimes.
The world cries softly
For the memories cannot fade,
Of years before the sword,
And days before the blade.
The world cries softly
At the loss of precious lives,
The innocent were slaughtered,
And the villians, they survived.
The world cries softly
At the wars fought on her ground,
The soldiers sacrificed,
Nations lost without a sound.
The world cries softly
As humans kill her beauty,
They strip her forests bare,
They leave her waters sooty.
The world cries softly
And her shoulders droop low,
Her arms sag under the weight
Of her treacherous load.
The world cries softly
As her back begins to break,
The people, they have killed her,
Our Earth dies of heartache.
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by GL Reader | 1/22/2018