You Wrote It

Feeling creative? It's time to put pen to paper


Need a break? Let your creative juices flow this spring and write some poetry during your down time. If writing is not for you, pick up some poems to read in-between classes or during a homework break.

1. Write an "I am" poem

These poems are beyond easy to do. Start with simple "I am..." statements and branch out from there. Here are some examples of other introspective thoughts you can work in.
• I am...
• Son/Daughter of...
• Who needs...
• Who loves...
• Who sees...
• Who hates...
• Who fears...
• Who dreams of...

2. Rewrite the lyrics of your favorite song, changing the story or ending

Play with the words of one of your favorite tunes, maybe by adding a dramatic twist or a comical factor. Change the focus to make it your own.

3. Write a poem with a friend alternating who writes each line

Grab a bestie and get creative. This can be a silent activity, but when the poem is done and you can read it out loud, you'll be sure to be laughing and loving what you've come up with.

4. Turn a short story, tall-tale or children’s story into a poem

Whether it's a retro Disney movie or a short story you read in school, take the main ideas and write them in verse.

5. Write a poem using your five senses

Touch, smell, hear, see, taste—you can write anything using the tools you already have to observe the world around you.

6. Play with different styles of poems

There are many different styles of poetry. If you're feeling daring, toy with the different types like sonnets, haikus and limericks. Already an expert? Try sestinas for a serious challenge. Check out a bunch of different types of poetry here.

Love writing poetry? Share your works of art in the comments below, and we might just feature you on GL!


by Lyra Dautaj | 4/13/2018