You Wrote It

"there is a reason" by GL reader Olivia

falling fast through the sky
you were dancing way up high
and now you're on the ground
your thoughts lost in the sound
of someone crying out
and you hear them shout

why is life so broken
I'm losing hope in hoping
holding on to what's left
of the life I had kept
the world won't stop spinning
there's a war and I'm not winning

so all I have to say is

you drowned in the bigger picture
that you can't see, but for what it's worth
just keeping moving on and on
don't know what you have until it's gone
don't lose it just work through it
I know that you can do it

come on just hold on
don't let yourself be a pawn
you are more than that
keep going forward and don't look back
because the world is a sad, sad place
but it takes just one to save the human race

there is a purpose maybe you don't see it
but imagine you're a hero and then be it

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by GL Reader | 3/9/2018