You Wrote It

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Not long ago
In a town across the ocean
A girl and a boy
Were quickly awoken
To the sound of a horn
And a massive commotion
To find that their world
Had faced an explosion

The girl was six months old
And the boy was six years
No matter the age though
Confirmed were the fears
The first words they heard
Were the last wanted to hear
No last goodbye

The world’s a moving place
No one stops for your pain
Some choose to give
Some choose to take
In the world we all live in
Every single day
Some lose their all
Without having a say

From day one
We learn to love
From day two
We learn to hate
On day three
You make the choice
Love or to hate oh and give or to take

You learn from the others
To stick with each other
You learn from the lessons
To be more aggressive
When life throws you lemons
Throw the lemons back at them
Don’t let them touch your pain
Even with
No last goodbye

No last goodbye is the end of that chapter
But a new one last started
A new dream to chase after
Don’t let it go
Because there’s a new hello


by GL Reader | 3/14/2018