You Wrote It

Check out this original poem "Freedom" by a GL reader like you!

This GL reader wrote her own poem and it's *awesome*!

Some say freedom isn't free;
Some say freedom comes with responsibility;
Freedom is that rush in your heart 
When you fly down a steep hill and
Your breath seems to blow away.

Freedom is pure joy.
I believe freedom is free.
I believe real freedom is not
Something that comes with responsibility.

Real freedom is priceless.
Real freedom cannot be simulated,
Or substituted,
Or replaced with anything else.

Freedom is living in the moment,
Because that rush in your heart doesn't last forever.
Freedom cannot be created,
It transpires at the right moment.

Freedom is in the instant,
When it is all that happens,
All that happened, and
All that will happen.
Nothing else is important.

Freedom is your possession,
You define freedom.

How did this original poem make you feel? Does it inspire you to write a piece of your own? Let us know below!


by GL | 6/9/2018