You Wrote It

Saturday read: "Never give up on Hope"

A GL girl wrote this poem and it is *totally* inspirational!

When you are lost and can't find your way
I'll be the one that shows you the right path 

No matter what people say
You can't give in to their wrath
So never give up on hope

When people bring you down
Don't let them get the best of you
When it feels like you can't make a sound
You have the right to choose
Not to give up on hope

If you get lost
Think of me as the hope inside you
I know that you won't be the cost
That makes you choose
Never give up on hope

If you think that you can give up,
You're wrong about that 
Let me be the hope that fills your cup

Don't let their chat
Make you give up on hope
Never give up on hope

Do you write in your free time? Have you written an original piece similar to this one? Tell us below! 


by GL | 6/24/2017