You Wrote It

Check out "By Your Side," an original poem!

This GL girl wrote about sticking with her friend through thick and thin! We love it—check it out.  

You and I coexist,
When I need you, I find you by my side.

We are cohesive,
Riding up and down life’s cruel, tricky ride,
Were we combined from coincidence,
Or was it just us,
When we commiserated for each other,
The accident happened in a rush.

There was a committee that had arrived,
Yet you were still there, by my side.
Communication had filled the air,
The committee was nice, 
But no one can compare,
How you gave me a life’s worth of love and advice.

We will always be compatible,
No matter where you are,
I’ll be there by your side,
From close, or afar.

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by GL | 8/26/2017