You Wrote It

This GL reader wrote a beautiful poem that expresses how she *really* feels

 This GL reader is a beautiful writer, check out what she has to say through her poem!

She looks at life through jade-colored glasses.
To her, the world is a jumble
Of hypocrites' lies.

She hears nothing but whispers of deception.
She feels that the world has betrayed her
And left her with only a thread of hope,
So thin it could break at any moment.

She feels nothing but numbness inside.
Knowing she is alone, with only herself to blame
And only the silent laughter of the world around her
For company.

She wishes she could touch the light
And follow her peers inside of it.
But because she knows too much truth,
She knows she cannot.

She tastes the bitterness of rejection
And the sweetness of the future.
She says to herself,
"I know we can do better."
So she marches towards that light
Even if she feels she'll never make it.

Will she?

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by GL | 10/10/2018