You Wrote It

Read "I Know My Worth" by a GL reader!

I know I mean a lot to this world,
And you can't prove me wrong,
I know I'm beautiful, funny, sweet, and talented,
And I'm someone's reason to smile,

My happiness shines through my eyes,
My compassion flows through my veins,
My beauty showing through my soul,
My humor through my smile

I took the egregious risks,
I made the major changes,
I removed the ominous cloud atop my head,
And I put myself on a new journey,

You can be a condescending jerk and deride me 'til my end,
You can blame me for what you could've fixed,
You can tell me I'm not good enough for something,
But I'm done being degraded, it's over,

I can always grow stronger in hope,
I can always get over fear in fright,
I can always find a way to be happy to overpower my sadness,
I can always be social if I need to be,

I'll always play my sorrows away,
With each chord flowing into my heart,
Out through my veins is the feeling of excitement,
As my sorrows fly away,

Through my zombified mornings and peppy afternoons,
Through bullying moments and sparing,
Through accusing moments and apologetic,
I make it through them all one day at a time,

I've been called so many names I can't even count,
All the times I've been hurt an unbelievable amount,
You say you don't realize when it's a habit in fact,
Just bully me constantly, I won't react,

You say you'll be nice but I know that's not fact,
Your words hurt but I choose not to react, It's embarrassing how I can't stop it,
And now I can't get my life back in time,

At the end of each day, I'm still lonely and depressed, Yet I still continue to do my best,
I can't comprehend how much I've been through,
But I'll always try to make sure this doesn't happen to you


by GL Reader | 11/21/2017