You Wrote It

Read this poem by a GL reader for major dreamer #vibes

please do not tug 
on the strings of my helium dreams    
i am too young to settle
i do not wish to think about    
all the doors i am expected to close
in order to take a single step forward

i cannot tell you what i want
but i can tell you what i do not want
i do not want predictability
i do not want mediocrity
i do not want comformity

i cannot install myself
until i have seen every shore 
and climbed every summit
i have the longing to feel everything 
out there that can be felt

i heard somewhere that being
vulnerable multiplies the 
possibilities of the world
and what you are capable of being within it 
i will keep my heart open
and my mind just as gaping 

so please, bite your skeptical tongue 
the next time you plan on telling me
to be realistic
how am i supposed to limit myself 
when earth was crafted in such a way
that limits do not exist 

—Ivy A. 


by GL Reader | 5/8/2018