You Wrote It

This poem perfectly describes what it's like when you and your bestie have the same crush

These feels are *real*. Leave your thoughts on this poem below.

Everytime you talk about him 
Getting closer to you
My heart sinks and I wanna run away
But I fake happy
And smile at you a little
So you'll be OK

My heart jumps a little 
When he comes close to me
For a moment I forget everything and get lost in his eyes
I feel like I'm flying
But when I come down to earth
He is talking about you
And now I wanna cry

My day is going well
I am sunshine and butterflies
But then I get your call
When I answer, my world becomes dark and cold
I could have been fine
But I am forced to squeal with joy
Luckily you don't know I am crying
You cannot see my pain and disappointment
You don't know I wanted his three words to be mine


by GL | 4/25/2019