You Wrote It

This relatable poem about togetherness and love will make you smile

I am so lucky,
I have food and water.
I have a family,
I have friends.
I have a home.
I have safety.

Not all people are lucky,
Not all people have food and water.
Not all people have family,
Not all people have friends.
Not all people have a home, 
Not all people have safety.

We can all help,
These people without luck.
Those without food,
Those without water.
Those without family,
Those without friends.
Those without a home,
Those without safety.

We can extend a hand,
Reach out.
We can help,
We can give.
We can comfort,
We can befriend.

If we stop hating,
Others for their differences.
If we looked past the outside,
To the personality.
If we stopped being judgemental,
Because we aren’t all the same.

I have what I need,
I will reach out so others have it to.
I will help those,
Who need it.
I will give them my time,
I will comfort the sad.
And I will,

Like a building,
We stand stronger together.
Together we form,
A foundation.
Together our building,
Will grow.

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by GL reader | 5/14/2019