You Wrote It

A GL girl's original poem: "Happiness is always in style"

Close your eyes and find your happy place.

A place where all you can feel is a glowing and blissful vibe.
A place where the Cheshire cat approaches you instinctively.
A place where you could live your entire life.
A place that's more than you could express in a caption.

Being with our loved ones is the greatest happiness you would could.
Just one hand can heal another—one small act of love can reach a heart.
Being with friends is like watching glittering fireworks up in the dark sky...
But like if that feeling could last forever.
Feeling like a rockstar in front of thousands of screaming fans.
Don't we all want to experience that?

Happiness is vital.
It's the oxygen we breathe, the blood in our veins.
Imagine if we could erase the boundaries that keep us from feeling joyful.
The more we smile, the more we shine.

People tend to miss the little moments that come their way.
Live in the present; find pleasure in every unique second. 
Teeny-tiny things can bring us a cosmos of joy.
One little action, one spark can start a chain reaction.

Be happy, stay safe, stay smiling. You got this!

by GL | 9/18/2020