You Wrote It

In the Middle: an original poem about Middle School

Hey GL girls! Check out this poem by an anonymous reader about what it's like being a middle schooler.

In the Middle

In the middle
Is where I am.

In the middle
Is where I stand.

I'm torn between two,
I don't fit in either clique.
The popular group?
Not really a good fit.

I'm torn between them,
The populars and my old friends.
They used to stand by my side.
What happened to "our friendship never ends"?

I'm torn between two,
In which group do I fit?
The popular crowd in my mind is it.
But can't I keep my other friends too?

Now I know why
It's called Middle School,
because everything swirls by,
and you're used like a tool.

I guess torn between the two
Is where I'll always be,
In the middle
Must be the place for me.

1/20/2018 10:20:00 AM