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Ok so I was in the elementary youth group at my church and one day we had a group meeting in the youth room. I decided to get a drink from the kitchen before the meeting started. I was singing one of my favorite songs as I walked to the kitchen. I was unaware that my crush was also in the kitchen. So right as I'm about to walk in I start singing the part of the song that goes, “You say you dream of my face...” as I walked in I saw that he was sitting there and he just said "ok" and then I said "hi" in an overly high voice. It was really embarrassing!


BY BRIDGET M. ON 9/17/2014 12:00:00 AM

Last June my grade went the beach, for the graduating class party. First we watched a slideshow near the water. I sat with my friends in the front row. When it ended the man said we could go swimming now and everyone starting taking off their cover-ups. One of my friends is an insanely fast changer, so she was done as I was taking off my shirt. She grabbed my pants and said, "Come on lets go!"She tugged on them just to pull my shorts down, and pulled my pants down too! My whole grade saw my butt! My crush and his friends were sitting to the left of me too! It took a while too get them back up too!


BY BRIDGET M. ON 9/16/2014 12:00:00 AM

I was at my cousin's wedding and there was this really cute guy there that kept looking at me. Eventually, I went up to him and asked him where he was from, etc. We were talking for a while until my aunt came up to us and said, "Emily, I see you met your distant cousin, Jake." I cant believe I was starting to flirt with my own cousin!!

BY TAELER L. ON 9/15/2014 12:00:00 AM


One time, I was at the mall with three of my friends and we were walking out of a store. One of my friends was looking at a make-up lady in the store while she was walking because the make-up artist had really bright red eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick on. My friend was still turned looking at her and completely ran into the detectors at the exit of the store. It made a huge "THUMP!" Everyone inside and outside the mall looked at her all crazy. We were all laughing hysterically but she was super embarassed! I felt so bad for her!

BY TAELER L. ON 9/14/2014 12:00:00 AM


My older brother was having a party and all of his friends were out on the deck and my room is right above the deck.His friends were being kind of loud so I turned my music up REALLY LOUD.I started singing "like no one was listening."It turns out that my window was open which meant that about fifteen really cute guys were listening.I was really embarrased; but it got worse.One of the guys somehow managed to record my dancing and singing on his phone!!He texted it to all of my friends, including my crush.I'll never live it down! 

BY BRIDGET M. ON 9/13/2014 12:00:00 AM

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