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Make a wish! Disney's new book series will have you seeing stars

What if the brightest star in the sky was actually a magical world called Starland, a place where our wishes went after we made them? Well, in Star Darlings that’s what happens. There, girls are trained to be Wish-Granters and...


*Win* a bundle of bone-chilling books for Halloween reading!

Scary stories just got a serious upgrade. Spook up your reading list this Halloween with three terrifying new titles from Harlequin...for *free.* To enter, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "ENTER"—then get ready for some serious...


*Win* the best new books with our 2015 Teen Read Week giveaway!

It's almost time for Teen Read Week! From October 18-25, GL and teens across the country will observe YALSA's annual week dedicated to all things libraries and literature. We're celebrating the best way we know how—by giving away a bounty...


Find your forever friends with Infinite In Between

Ever planned a reunion with your BFFs that didn’t turn out how you thought? Then check out Carolyn Mackler’s new novel Infinite In Between, a story about five friends who make a pact freshman year. When Zoe, Jake, Mia, Gregor...


How would *you* rewrite history? Tell us to win a royal-worthy prize!

Cleopatra. Charlemagne. Joan of Arc. Julius Caesar. All men and women with incredible stories–both factual and fantastical. We're totally obsessed with the reimagining-history trend, and new novel Legacy of Kings is no exception. The first in Eleanor Herman's Blood of...


BREAKING NEWS: Have you seen Vivian Apple?

Recently spotted: 17-year-old Vivian Apple, fresh off of a cross-country trip to find her parents—who have gone MIA. 
 The brave heroine left us on the edge of our seats after we first met her in Vivian Apple At The...


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As the holidays really take off, what's one thing you HAVE to do this year?


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