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It's GL's Cool Winter Reads giveaway! Score a bundle of books to snuggle up with this season...

Welcome to our first-ever Cool Winter Reads giveway! We've got a bundle of books to snuggle up with this season—and you can score them all. Yep, this entire stash of must-reads is up for grabs—and five girls will win...


Red-hot read alert: A fiery new trilogy kicks off with Talon

Take the ride of your life with Talon, the first book in Julie Kagawa’s new Talon Saga—a mythical story of adventure, friendship and dragons. You’ll want to soar through this red-hot read, promise—just read on for all the fiery details. Siblings...


Dance and family come to life in Taking Flight

Becoming orphaned at a young age and surviving a war to then be adopted and move to America sounds like something a character in a movie would go through. But for Michaela DePrince, it was real life. Not only did...


Discover the magic of Erika McGann's The Broken Spell

Calling all fictional witch lovers and those who adore reading about casting spells and mastering flight. With schoolwork taking over your weekends, reading a good book is perfect for study breaks. So put down your pencil and prepare to be...


Travel around the world in 7 books

Let’s be real, we all wish we could get away from home for a while—especially if it’s a faraway place we’ve never been before. That’s why we’ve got the perfect reads for you wanderlust sweethearts who love to travel! Sit...


One fierce fall: 6 books to curl up with this season

Fierce Reads are some of the edgiest, most gripping YA novels we’ve read—and we can’t wait to check out this season’s new batch of bold books. Take a break from the stress of school (and your cell phone!), curl...


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Happy Thanksgiving! What are you most thankful for?


Here's a *free* excerpt from Bella Thorne's new book!



Bella Thorne's got a new book series—

and it's amazing.


CLICK HERE for everything you need to know about the first novel, Autumn Falls—plus a Q&A with Bella and a *free* chapter sampler!

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