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3 HOURS AGO November's almost over... How's your #NaNoWriMo novel coming?

4 HOURS AGO What lip color should you *really* be wearing?

6 HOURS AGO Uh-oh, are you using the wrong type of brush? Find out here:


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Ski bunny honey: The cutest swag for the slopes

Love going skiing but hate feeling like a puffy snowman on the slopes? Here's how to look *hot* in the ultra-cold.


Ditch the dress: How to shimmer and shine in bold bottoms

We all love a festive frock, but this year, we're shaking things up. The new trend? Beautiful bottoms. We're talking party pants and sparkly skirts, AKA the best way to stand out, shimmer and shine this holiday season. Not sure...


Go comfy-cute with chic sweats

It's getting cold out there, and ditching your awesome #OOTD to snuggle in sweats is sounding more and more tempting—but don't give up just yet! Trendy athleisure has given new life to your lazy-day staple, and sweatpants are actually chic...


5 full fall outfits for under $50

Ready to revamp your fall wardrobe...but lacking cash? These five fab outfits can be bought with little more than birthday money, and feature totally versatile pieces for integration into your existing wardrobe. Happy shopping!


We found the *perfect* sweater weather outfit

We're taking a page from Karlie Kloss' style book, and cozying up with a cream sweater and a suede skirt all fall. Add booties, go anywhere. From school to cute dates, this is so your new go-to. Here's how to...


6 fab food bags to rock with your costume (and beyond)

It's officially October, which basically means we can get away with any wardrobe weirdness. Top of our list? These so cute (and slightly silly) food bags. Wear 'em with your costume or just carry one with your casual #OOTD. No...


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Before you go shopping, raid your closet. Pair your clothes in new ways with pieces you already own. You'll be surprised at how much fuller your closet becomes.
You see your crush in the halls and your friend seriously embarrasses you by yelling his name. What do you do?!


WIN IT! Can *you* solve the mystery?



Dive into the weird, wonderful world of Curiosity House: The Shrunken HeadCLICK HERE for your chance to win it—and to explore Dumfrey's Dime Museum of Freaks, Oddities and Wonders.

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