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WIN IT! Love athleisure? Browse the looks, score your fave

As any fashionista knows, athleisure is *everywhere* right now. The chill combination of comfy and cute is ruling the fashion game and popping up on runways (and in hallways) all over. Fashionable fans (like ourselves!) couldn't be happier, so we...


The best photo editing apps to keep your Insta game strong

Been feeling like your go-to filters just aren't cutting it anymore? Maybe Lo-fi and Valencia just aren’t what they used to be, or you're tired of having to pay for apps to keep your followers impressed. Below, our five fave...


Your complete guide to New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion week kicked off just yesterday, and we're ready to check out all the awesome fashion inspo to come. Not sure what Fashion week is or how you can keep up? We've got your complete guide here. Check...


Fab up your life with these *free* fall finds!

Welcome to GL's Fabulous Fall Finds 2015! We've got a fierce lineup of new faves for fall—and you can win 'em all! To enter, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ENTER. The best part? You...


Keep your white sneakers looking brand-new

White sneaks are a classic footwear staple, but let's face it—they’re tough to maintain, because after one day of fun they’re already covered in scuffs and grass stains. You can't avoid it, but you can fix it! Read on to...


6 quirky little things you never knew you needed

Sometimes, you don't know you need something 'til you see it. This is that x50000.


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Instead of a headband, roll up a bright bandana and tie it around your head. Retro-cute!
You just remembered there is a book report due in a week. What are you thinking?


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