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AN HOUR AGO We're still obsessed with this so-fresh fishtail mani from @hannahroxit:

3 HOURS AGO It's never too early to start prepping for college—seriously!:

6 HOURS AGO 8 things all runners know to be true (#3 it TOO real...):


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6 fab food bags to rock with your costume (and beyond)

It's officially October, which basically means we can get away with any wardrobe weirdness. Top of our list? These so cute (and slightly silly) food bags. Wear 'em with your costume or just carry one with your casual #OOTD. No...


Slay from the sidelines in this so-cute game-day garb

What's better than a Friday night under the bright lights? Nothing, except maybe having a full week to prep the perf outfit. Football fashion is *way* more than team tees, hoodies and jeans—after all, it's a chance to show off...


WIN IT! Love athleisure? Browse the looks, score your fave

As any fashionista knows, athleisure is *everywhere* right now. The chill combination of comfy and cute is ruling the fashion game and popping up on runways (and in hallways) all over. Fashionable fans (like ourselves!) couldn't be happier, so we...


Makeup with gray undertones is way trendy. Whether it's gray-green polish or smoky purple eyeliner, silver looks seriously cool on everyone.
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