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13 HOURS AGO 20 mistakes that are totally okay to make: http://t.co/Sp1LN2IZbg pic.twitter.com/ERZCCB5NB7

14 HOURS AGO This sweetie pulled his girl out of a sticky sitch! Check it out here: http://t.co/ocvGSizhUu pic.twitter.com/4wg8CBDbhG

14 HOURS AGO RT @MaddieandTae: You don't have to leave your side of town to turn up our new acoustic video at http://t.co/Oz836Tzayo! @girlslifemag 🌃


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Exclusive: Meet the stars of Nickelodeon's game-changing new show about girls in biz

In Nickelodeon's new show Game Shakers, two talented chicas start a biz—but it's not *all* fun and games being a #girlboss. We sat down with the stars for a sneak peek at this seriously inspiring series (and chatted about their...


Skylar Stecker is Elvis Duran's Artist of the Month

Move over, T. Swift! Watch out, Selena! Skylar Stecker is about to take the music world by storm. At only 13-years-old, Skylar has already amassed an impressive following on her Youtube channel (300K subscribers and 27 million views), as well...


Exclusive: Maddie & Tae rock an acoustic "Your Side Of Town"

Maddie & Tae's debut album Start Here just dropped last week (8/28), but it's already exploding in the country world. It's no surprise, though, considering their hit song "Girl In A Country Song" officially went platinum in early August. The...


Guess which Nickelodeon classic is heading to Broadway?

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea – and is heading for Broadway? You guessed it: SpongeBob SquarePants! The next kids' classic turned into an awesome stage production, The SpongeBob Musical is premiering next summer in Chicago before opening...


Check out this weekend's newest music

This weekend was huge in the music biz, and not just because the VMAS were last night. From Friday to yesterday, your favorite singers were at it again sharing their best and coolest new release. So what do dancers...


Exclusive: Get your princess on with Disney Channel this weekend

No matter who your favorite is, it's pretty hard to deny that the Disney princess movies are some of the best animated films ever made. They're pretty much the definition of childhood for most kids, but with Tangled, Brave and...


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If you could have an exotic animal as a pet, what kind would you want?


SPOTTED: Teenage revolutionary Vivian Apple!


3,000 “Believers” are missing or dead, and Vivian Apple may be the only one who can save them.  Because for her, the Apocalypse was just the beginning. CLICK HERE for more.

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