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4 HOURS AGO Wait...why did Girl Scouts turn down $100k? #ForEveryGirl: http://t.co/5oRriV0pgn pic.twitter.com/jTNcMjhu25


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Naughty Boy dishes on Zayn Malik's new direction

For the past few months, many of us have been processing Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction. Losing a member of the band felt impossible to wrap our heads around, but recent news may bring some hope and mend some...


If you thought Maddie Ziegler was creepy in Sia's vids, you'll flip when you see her Pretty Little Liars dance

Maddie Ziegler seems to be everywhere these days. Since she first graced our screens on Dance Moms, she has also made appearances on Austin & Ally and acted as Sia’s muse in a few of her music videos. But her...


Demi Lovato is dishing on her new single and what's coming next

Though fans weren't expecting they'd get to hear Demi Lovato's newest single, "Cool for the Summer," before today, listeners got lucky when the track leaked just a little early last night. Even luckier? The song is awesome—and it's definitely cool...


Laura Marano gave the most WONDERful performance at this summer camp

We've always known that Laura Marano is one of the sweetest celebs out there, but what she did for some fans last week is one of the best things we've heard in a while. Instead of enjoying her summer...


Taylor Swift's newest BFF is giving us all kinds of squad envy

Taylor Swift’s concerts have been blowing up on social media ever since she started her 1989 world tour, and though we’re in love with all her songs, costumes and performances, our fave part might just be the way all of...


Rowan Blanchard gave the most moving feminist speech for at the UN Women's Conference

Over the weekend, Girl Meets World star Rowan Blanchard participated in the UN Women and US National Committee's annual conference as a member of #TeamHeForShe. Stepping into Emma Watson's shoes, Rowan gave a powerful, awesome speech about gender equality and...


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Happy Fourth of July! How will you celebrate our independence?


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