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2 HOURS AGO These are the too-real, HILARIOUS stages of hardcore crushing:

5 HOURS AGO Skip the salon and save from $$$ with this easy DIY pedi:

6 HOURS AGO Witch hazel is totally *not* just hocus pocus:


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Check out these sweet celeb-approved pink bracelets

We all have a family member or loved one who is affected by breast cancer, and October is the month dedicated to these women. But what does all that pink really mean? We've found a rose-colored bracelet with an amazing...


#Being13: Tonight CNN reveals how social *really* affects us

Tonight at 9 p.m., CNN is sharing some real talk on teens and social media. They're airing "#Being13: Inside the Secret World of Teens," a special based on two years of tracking the social media habits of 200 eighth graders...


These selfie snapping sorority sisters are our heroes

Last week, during a game between the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks, a group of sorority girls caught everyone's attention. They were taking some cute selfies, when the announcers started noticing them. The guys started making digs at the girls...


MAC wants every girl to know she's gorgeous

Repeat after us: “I am beautiful.” No matter what you look like, there are a million beautiful things about you. As long as you love yourself for who you are, that's all that matters. MAC Cosmetics belives that, too. In...


Michelle Obama gives inspiring advice to young girls everywhere

Did you know that there are 62 million girls around the world who are unable to go to school and receive an education? 62 million! Michelle Obama shared this fact at the Apollo Theatre in New York City this week...


The coolest pics of last week's supermoon

Last Sunday night, everyone was buzzing about a super rare space event: the combination of a supermoon and a lunar eclipse. What's a supermoon? It's a full moon that appears 14% larger and 30% brigher than the regular moon...


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It's time for your monthly sleepover with the girls. What are you gals going to do?


*Win it!* It's our 2015 Teen Read Week giveaway!



What's better than a whole week dedicated to libraries, literature and the best books of the year? A *huge* giveaway of those books, just for GL girls! CLICK HERE for your chance to win it.

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