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One Direction's new "Perfect" music video is, well, perfect

It probably shouldn't come as a surprise—after all, it's in the name—but One Direction's new music video for their latest single "Perfect" is probably one of the cutest things we've ever seen from them. Sure, it's not quite as epic...


Spoiler Alert: Our I Didn't Do It dreams came true!

Earlier today, we shared an exclusive clip with you from Friday's I Didn't Do It ep where Jasmine admits to Lindy and Delia that she might still have feelings for Logan. And now that the show has officially aired on...


These four artists will give you serious wanderlust

Top 40 radio does an okay job keeping us apprised of great music around the globe (Iggy's Australian, Ed and Ellie are from the UK, etc.), but there's one major limiting factor: All the hits are in English. We decided...


*CONGRATULATIONS* to Cindy C., our #RydelRYL contest winner!

When GL and Rydel Lynch published the Rydel: Rock Your Life bookazine in July, we asked readers to let us know how Rydel's amazing insight and advice rocked their lives—and after three months and almost 50,000 entries, we have a...


Love these looks: Emmys 2015

There were about a million amazing moments at Sunday night's 2015 Emmys (not least of all Viola Davis's historic win, making her the first African-American woman to nab the Best Actress in a Drama Series award), but the ones we...


The biggest celeb OMG moments of the week

School is back, but another week of classes means we’re one week closer to a break from school. With tests, homework and sports practices already taking over your schedule, it can be hard to stay in-the-know with everything that’s happening...


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