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Snuggle up with cute and cozy sweater nails

It's sweater weather! We've been wrapping ourselves up in cozy-cute selections all autumn, but a creative new nail trend is about to take the look to the next level. Cable-knit tips are the next it mani, and we gotta say—we're...


This new nail trend is earth-shattering

We've seen ombre nails, marble nails, bubble nails, junk nails and monster nails...but we weren't ready for glass nails. The gorgeous new trend originated in South Korea and has been ~breaking~the internet ever since (sorry, we had to)...


A polka dot mani you can actually DIY

Right now, we're all about minimalistic, moon-rising manis, as spied backstage at New York Fashion Week. Here's why this low-key nail art is perfect for the (spooky) season...and way beyond. Unlike lots of nail art, you don't need to...


Mani madness: Amp up your nail game with these so-sweet sets

Everybody knows fall is the season of supreme fleekiness—and that means you have to look fab from tips to toes. We rounded up the best mani sets to amp up your autumn nail game. Show us your manicure creations...


*Nail* the fishtail mani with help from Hannah Lee

Fishtail...for your nails? You've tried it for your hair, but now it's time to bring it to your hands. We teamed up with mani maven and YouTuber Hannah Lee (Check her cool creations out HERE!) to bring you the step-by-step...


What is *really* under your nails?

Ever feel like no matter how many times you scrub under your nails, not all of the dirt and whatever-else gets removed? We feel you—and we're here to help. Though it may seems more sinister, the stuff that appears...


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Add a little edge to your fall style by wearing gloves with open fingers. Cool—and totally cozy.
What do you wear on your lips?


WIN IT! Can *you* solve the mystery?



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