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5 ways to deal when you're feeling depressed

Depression is an awful thing to go through, and it can make you feel like there’s no one who understands you. While it can be tough to beat, it doesn’t have to be a constant state. And while feeling...


Feeling down? The five movies you should marathon tonight

Maybe your friends all went out without you, you're still reeling from a bad breakup or the weather's just bringing you down. Whatever it is, you need some cheering up—stat. Check out our five fave flicks for getting happy fast...


#Awk: 9 cringe-worthy moments everyone has experienced

*Backs away slowly...* 1. Having someone hold the door open for you when you’re obviously too far away. 2. Reaching for the last slice of pizza at the same time as someone else—do you let them take it...


How to talk to your parents after a big fight

So you had a fight with your parents. It happens to the best of us! Whether it was something huge or something small that escalated, you CAN cut through the awkward silence and get back to happy—fast. Even better? Sometimes...


Speak Out: My eating disorder almost kept me from studying abroad

"Scotland, huh? I guess your journey is just beginning." Though the old woman next to me on the plane meant no harm, she had no idea how wrong she was. Yes, the start of my semester abroad in Scotland was...


How to deal with seasonal affective disorder

It's never easy when the seasons change from warm, bright and beautiful to cold, dark and damp. Shorter days and a lack of sunlight can contribute to seasonal affective disorder (also known as seasonal depression), a type of depression that...


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As the holidays really take off, what's one thing you HAVE to do this year?


Dazzle this season with decorations from Duck Tape!



'Tis the season for holiday crafting—and these are seriously cute! CLICK HERE to get the how-to for our five festive favorites.

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