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3 HOURS AGO Hey, West Coast! @rowblanchard + @parisberelc's #InvisibleSister on @DisneyChannel debuts in just 30mins! Who's watching? 👯👤✨💞

5 HOURS AGO Sip this! GL's tasty tea guide to get you through fall:

7 HOURS AGO Will you read the new gender-flipped #Twilight? Still can't get over it:


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Chic up your scarf with these 5 tying techniques

Scarves are the ultimate useful accessory—keeping you warm while still looking cool. This fall, amp up your autumn #OOTD and stand out from the crowd with a unique tying technique that's totally Insta-worthy. Check it out... What is your go-to...


Slay from the sidelines in this so-cute game-day garb

What's better than a Friday night under the bright lights? Nothing, except maybe having a full week to prep the perf outfit. Football fashion is *way* more than team tees, hoodies and jeans—after all, it's a chance to show off...


Pajama time! These sleepy-time ensembles are seriously sweet

Packing for a slumber party—or just trying to look chic while cuddled up? Balancing comfy and cute is no easy feat, but wearing pretty PJs can be a surprisingly effective mood booster (and makes getting in bed even better, if...


Ready for sweater weather? Check out our new fall faves

Sweater weather is upon us, ladies! Fall is the season of layering, so it's essential to make sure your sweater game is up to par. Get through the week as cozily—and chicly!—as possible with our cute, comfortable selections. The best...


4 cute ways to wear an off-the-shoulder top

Hello, shoulders! These breezy, bohemian tops are perfect for glamming up your early fall wardrobe. We love them for weekend outings with your BFFs or those evenings that still feel like summer. Here’s exactly how to wear them....


Need some style inspo? Check out these teen fashion bloggers

Feel like you’ve gotten lazy when it comes to your personal style? Have no fear! Ahead, some fab fashion bloggers who prove that no matter how young you are, you can influence those around you and rock your look with...


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Glam up those nails with some glitter. Adding a bit of sparkle to your nail color will leave you looking like a rockstar.
What style will you choose for your perf homecoming hair?


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