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AN HOUR AGO If you're a #Marvel fan, you absolutely *have* to watch the #CaptainAmericaCivilWar trailer:

2 HOURS AGO You *can* make an awesome pie. Here's how:


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Believe it or not, you *can* stay fit this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving may be the one day you can get as stuffed as your turkey, but it doesn't have to be a TOTALLY unhealthy day. Check out our five steps for keeping things a little more moderate. 1. Go for...


Bust exercise boredom with these 3 interval workouts

It may seem hard to believe with all the stretching and sweating, but working out can get super boring. The good news? It doesn't have to be. Interval workouts are a fun, exciting way to shake up your sweat sesh...


Shake up your workout with a...skateboard?

Mint longboard, $160, Right now is the PERFECT time for outdoor workouts—you're not sweating like crazy from summer heat, but it's not snowing yet, either. If you want to take your routine outside (but don't want to...


4 ways to get out and enjoy the fall weather this weekend

It's #FitnessFriday! These four fall-inspired workouts will get you in tip-top shape...and help to burn off all that Halloween candy. 1) Rake leaves. Say what? Raking leaves for 30 minutes can burn 120 calories, according to Harvard Health.Grab a...


Pump(kin) up your weekend workout

Picked an extra pumpkin at the patch? Put it to work with this awesome weeked workout and *squash* all those "is-my-costume-too-tight?" insecurities! 1. Pumpkin lunge, 15 reps • - Stand straight up, with your pumpkin in your hands. •...


Get fit fast: How to lift weights like a pro

Little-known fact: If you really want to one up, lose weight and boost your metabolism, lifting weights is the way to go. (All the cardio in the world can't give you sculpted arms or a six pack!) The only problem...


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Have a huge test today? Sneak some gum to chew during class. It will help relieve stress and boost brainpower.
What do you do to study?


Acid reflux is only a problem for adults.

Dazzle this season with decorations from Duck Tape!



'Tis the season for holiday crafting—and these are seriously cute! CLICK HERE to get the how-to for our five festive favorites.

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